How Does SMS Marketing Work?

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For any kind of business, marketing expenditure is part and parcel of total expenses amounting to about 10% of earnings. Thus, it would always be a good business practice to avail marketing plans that are affordable and, of course, effective. In this respect, SMS marketing is one of today’s effective and inexpensive marketing practices.

Practically everyone have their own mobile devices with them, right? So, it’s really worth considering to use SMS marketing in one’s strategy when trying to promote something. Sending text messages is highly flexible, personal, and timely, too. So, how do you go about using SMS marketing as a tool for your business promotion? Check out these How-To’s when planning and using this marketing tool in order to successfully use it.

First of, you may need to know and understand your target market. For instance, know your audiences’ preferences, wants and needs, likes and dislikes, their purchases with regard to your offered services and/or products. You can use such info to properly segment your targeted audience for better results. Send more specific SMS to selected audience for those special sales and bulk, general SMS for the usual promos, for example.

After getting to know your audience better, you can now send your promotional text messages while putting in mind the following practices: introducing yourself in the SMS, using CTAs or Call-to-Action phrases within the SMS, customizing the message, and using clear, short texts. Introduce yourself to your target receivers by using a sender ID or putting your name within the SMS. This will lessen the likelihood of being labeled as spam or wrong sender and the audience will more than likely read the message. Likewise, Call-to-action phrases such as Buy Now are great engagement tools for specific and time-sensitive promos. It would also be good to customize the message as definite as you can. For instance, customers may feel inclined to read your SMS when they see their names spelled out as opposed to the more generic, all-users texts. Lastly, craft the text message as short as you can. It should be brief but on point while making sure that you will not leave questions dangling on your customers’ minds.

As a last point, if you have the means, it would be a great idea to utilize SMS marketing service providers such as to assist you in your campaign. They have the tools, experience, and manpower to ensure that your SMS marketing campaign will be successful. Try them, if you are financially able to avail their services.

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