5 Important Points to Consider to be a Candidate for Dental Implants

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Many dental clinics offer dental implants and other dental services to the right candidates. Many people prefer dental implants because they look more natural than dentures. Unfortunately, you need to meet the requirements that allow you to have dental implants. Otherwise, your dentist may suggest the next best alternative that suits you.

Take note of the following criteria for a suitable candidate for dental implants.

1. Must not be Using Tobacco Products

If you are a smoker, your dentist may likely tell you that you should forget about having dental implants. Tobacco and smoking can hinder the progress of healing in your mouth and lessen the chances of a successful outcome. If you are adamant about having the implants, you may try quitting smoking first. Doing so can also help bring immense improvement in your oral health.

2. Must have Remarkable Oral Hygiene and Oral Health

The suitable candidate must have impeccable oral health and hygiene to make sure that there will be no infections or other oral problems that can interfere with the procedure and healing process. After the surgery, it is vital to devote time to putting exemplary care into your oral hygiene to avoid possible infection.

It is necessary to carry out daily brushing, flossing, and other aftercare practices that your dentist has prescribed. Don’t forget to do follow-up visits to make sure that your dental implants will not cause problems and remain in tip-top condition.

3. Must have Healthy Gums

It is important to have healthy gums to avoid complications during and after the surgical procedure. If you have gum problems like periodontal disease or gingivitis, it can cause an infection that hinders the healing process. You may need longer healing time or may not be able to attain proper healing.

If you have oral problems, your dentist may recommend or treat them first or suggest another procedure or alternative.

4. The Bone Density must be Sufficient

You must have the sufficient bone density to support and protect the implant. You need a strong jaw to anchor the implants. In case you have suffered bone loss in your jawbone, you may need first to undergo a procedure that can help rebuild your bone. That way, your jaw will be able to provide the right support for the implants.

5. Must not have a Habit of Clenching or Grinding Teeth

Bruxism is a condition wherein a person usually clenches, gnashes, or grinds his/her teeth unconsciously. Doing so can put too much pressure on the teeth. It is twice as bad if you have dental implants. You may never see good results when you continue to grind or gnash your teeth. You may ask for some recommendations from your dentist to help you get a successful implant or other alternatives.

You need to meet the requirements for dental implants to spare you the trouble of dealing with other problems that may occur. Implants are fused to your bones, which makes them look more natural than dentures. You also feel like they are your natural teeth. With proper care and maintenance, which includes visiting your dental care provider like regularly, your dental implants will continue to provide exceptional service.

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